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Technical notes

This page is a home for some technical details that didn't quite fit anywhere else.

Release terminology

The documentation uses the following terminology to refer to PopClip releases:

Version numbering

PopClip versions are presented in the form version string (build number), for example 2023.7 (4151), with the following meaning:

  • Version string:

    • Production releases: Production releases of PopClip have a version string in the form year.month, e.g. 2023.7, corresponding to when the version was released. In case of multiple releases in the same month, a third number is added, e.g. 2023.7.1.

    • Beta releases: Beta versions have version strings such as Build 4151 which are not related to the release date.

  • Build number: The number in parentheses after the version string is the build number, which precisely identifies the release. It always increases monotonically, so a higher build number means a newer release.

Build number anomaly

The build number is consistent across all editions and release channels, except that the Mac App Store edition build number is always 1000000 higher than the other editions. For example, version 2023.7 (4151) of the Standalone Edition is the same version as 2023.7 (1004151) of the Mac App Store Edition.