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Paths and identifiers

This page lists the various file and folder paths and identifiers used by PopClip.

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Standalone or Mac App Store

File and folder paths

Showing details for Standalone and Mac App Store editions.

File or folderPath and description
Default and recommended location of the PopClip app bundle.
Preferences file~/Library/Preferences/com.pilotmoon.popclip.plist
PopClip's settings are stored here.
Application Support folder~/Library/Application Support/PopClip
PopClip's extensions and supporting files (e.g. logs, purchase info) are stored here.
Caches folder~/Library/Caches/com.pilotmoon.popclip
PopClip's caches files are stored here. This is used for local copies of remote resources such as downloaded icons.


Showing details for Standalone and Mac App Store editions.

IdentifierValue and description
Bundle identifiercom.pilotmoon.popclip
The unique app identifier for PopClip.
Keychain item namePopClip Extension
Passwords and login tokens for extensions are stored in the user's login keychain under this name.