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Paths and identifiers

This page lists the various file and folder paths and identifiers used by PopClip.

File and folder paths

File or folderPath and description
App/Applications/ (Standalone), /Applications/Setapp/ (Setapp)
Recommended location of the PopClip app bundle.
Preferences file~/Library/Preferences/com.pilotmoon.popclip.plist (All editions)
PopClip's settings are stored here.
Application Support folder~/Library/Application Support/PopClip (All editions)
PopClip's extensions and supporting files (e.g. logs, purchase info) are stored here.
Caches folder~/Library/Caches/com.pilotmoon.popclip (Standalone, Mac App Store), ~/Library/Caches/com.pilotmoon.popclip-setapp (Setapp)
PopClip's cached files are stored here. This is used for local copies of remote resources such as downloaded icons.
Additional paths~/Library/Application Support/PopClip_backup, ~/Library/Preferences/com.pilotmoon.popclip_backup.plist.
These backups might sometimes be created by PopClip when it performs a housekeeping task. They can be safely deleted.
~/Library/Application Support/com.pilotmoon.popclip, ~/Library/Application Support/com.pilotmoon.popclip-setapp
These folders may also exist, containing some non-essential log files.


IdentifierValue and description
Bundle identifiercom.pilotmoon.popclip (Standalone), com.pilotmoon.popclip-setapp (Setapp)
The unique app identifier for PopClip.
Keychain item namecom.pilotmoon.popclip (All editions)
Passwords and login tokens for extensions are stored in the user's iCloud keychain under this name.