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Migrate from the Mac App Store (MAS) edition to the Standalone edition

The last released version of PopClip on the Mac App Store is 2023.9. If you have the MAS edition of PopClip, you can migrate for free to the Standalone edition to continue receiving updates.

From the developer

I apologise for the inconvenience of having to migrate away from the Mac App Store. I wrote an explanation for why PopClip left the store in a forum post. Thank you for your support and understanding. —Nick Moore, PopClip developer.

How to migrate

  1. Quit your existing PopClip, if it is running.
  2. Download PopClip from the download page, and unzip it.
  3. Put it in the /Applications folder, replacing the MAS edition. (MacOS will ask for your password to confirm deletion of the MAS edition.)
  4. Run the new PopClip app. It will detect your Mac App Store purchase and unlock itself.
Alternative: migrate using Homebrew

Homebrew users can perform the migration with this command:

killall PopClip; brew reinstall popclip --force

You can confirm the unlocked status by clicking View License in the About pane of PopClip's settings menu.

Standalone edition recognizing the MAS purchase

Installing in future on a new Mac

You may be thinking that you have to mess about installing the MAS edition first, then the Standalone edition, whenever you install PopClip on a new Mac. Not so!

In future, the Standalone edition will detect a proof your MAS purchase in iCloud and unlock itself.

This assumes you have iCloud enabled on your Mac now, and you use the same iCloud account on the new Mac.

Fallback method

If the Standalone edition did not unlock itself automatically, refresh the MAS receipt by following these steps:

  1. Install the Mac App Store edition of PopClip 2023.9. You can find it in the Purchased section your account page in the MAS.
  2. Run PopClip (MAS edition) once, then quit it.

Then follow the steps in How to migrate above.

Migration FAQs

  • What happens to my settings and extensions?
    Your settings and extensions will be preserved when you migrate to the Standalone edition.
    Important: do not use an app cleaner or uninstaller tool to remove the MAS edition! That will likely delete your settings and extensions.

  • How will I get future updates?
    After migrating to the Standalone edition, you will receive updates automatically through the in-app update mechanism. Make sure that "Check for updates" is enabled in the PopClip preferences.

  • Are there any differences between the MAS and Standalone editions?
    There are no functional differences between the MAS and Standalone editions. They are both built from the exact same codebase. Only the method of distribution is different.

  • How can I tell which edition of PopClip I have?
    In the PopClip preferences window, the About pane shows the edition of PopClip you are using.

  • Can I get a license key for the Standalone edition?
    License keys can be purchased on the buy page. I am currently offering MAS customers a 50% discount. Please email proof of your MAS purchase to my support email.

About pane for PopClip 2024.3, Standalone edition