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Welcome to the official website for PopClip.

Latest News

App Store Information for Mac App Store customers

The latest version of PopClip is not available on the the Mac App Store. You can continue to receive PopClip updates by migrating to the Standalone edition.

What is PopClip?

PopClip is a Mac utility tool that pops up with a menu of actions when you select text on your screen.

PopClip screenshot
Screenshot of PopClip

PopClip's actions range from simple copy-paste and web searches to complex tasks such as translating text. Using extensions, you can add more actions to PopClip to adapt it to your needs. Think of PopClip as a context-aware assistant that provides a set of tools you can use instantly in any app.

PopClip is available for macOS only. It is a paid app with a free trial. It has been in continuous development since 2011.

📖 Site contents

This website aims to be a complete resource for PopClip users. It contains all the documentation for PopClip in one place, with the following sections:

Finally, there is the Extensions Directory, a dedicated section of the site for browsing ready-made extensions to add to PopClip.

🤔 Frequently asked questions

See also Troubleshooting if you have questions about technical issues.

  • Is there a version of PopClip for iPhone or iPad? Unfortunately PopClip would not be possible on these devices due to the way iOS works.

  • Is there a version of PopClip for Windows? I don't make a Windows version of PopClip and I have no plans to do so. There is a similar app for Windows called SnipDo (formerly Pantherbar) that was inspired by PopClip. However, I have no involvement with that app at all.

🌍 Languages and translation

PopClip's user interface is developed in English and is translated into Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), French, Danish, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Slovak, Spanish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese and Turkish. These translations have been produced by a mix of paid translation services and volunteer users.

Users can contribute translations in their own language using the CrowdIn platform. If you would like to add or suggest changes to translations, please go to the Pilotmoon Apps project on CrowdIn. If your language does not exist in the project, send me an email so I can add it.

The documentation is only available in English.

🤹‍♂️ About the developer

PopClip is not made by a large company or even a small team; one person makes it — me, Nick Moore. I'm from the UK and my native language is English. To get in touch, see Support and Feedback.

Pilotmoon Software is the business name under which I have published my apps. You will see some links and references to in various places, and I use the @pilotmoon handle on GitHub and elsewhere.

🤝 Acknowledgements

PopClip would not be possible without the work of many other people who have created open-source software and freely shared their work. My thanks to the following people and projects:

  • Sparkle (license) by Andy Matuschak and the Sparkle project contributors.
  • AquaticPrime (BSD License) by Lucas Newman and other contributors.
  • ShortcutRecorder (CC Attribution 4.0) by Ilya Kulakov and other contributors.
  • nanosvg (zlib license) by Mikko Mononen.
  • case-anything (MIT license) by Luca Ban.
  • core-js (MIT license) by Denis Pushkarev.
  • axios (MIT license) by Matt Zabriskie and other contributors.
  • js-yaml (MIT license) Vitaly Puzrin and other contributors.
  • linkedom (ISC license) by Andrea Giammarchi.
  • linkifyjs (MIT license) by SoapBox Innovations Inc.
  • sanitize-html (MIT license) by P'unk Avenue LLC.
  • turndown (MIT license) by Dom Christie.
  • Iconify by Vjacheslav Trushkin, and the authors of the included icon sets.

🐢 It's turtles all the way down

For space, I've limited the list to include only a selection of the libraries I've directly imported. And of course, most of the above projects also include other projects. So the full list would be much longer.

PopClip website,
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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons BY-SA 4.0 License.

PopClip ® is a registered trademark of Nicholas Moore.