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Shortcut actions

In a Shortcut action, PopClip will invoke a macOS Shortcut by name.


Shortcuts are only available on macOS 12.0 and above. On earlier versions of macOS, any shortcut actions defined in an extension will not appear in the PopClip bar.


A shortcut action is defined by the presence of a shortcut name field, as follows:

shortcut nameStringThe name of the macOS Shortcut to call. This must exactly match its name in the Shortcuts app.

Input and output

The selected plain text will be sent as input to the shortcut. Any plain text returned by the shortcut will be available to the after step.


The following example snippet defines an extension with a single shortcut action that calls a shortcut called My Shortcut Name:

#popclip shortcut example
name: Run My Shortcut
shortcut name: My Shortcut Name