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Service actions

In a Service action, PopClip will invoke a macOS Service by name.


A service action is defined by the presence of a service name field, as follows:

service nameStringThe name of the macOS service to call.

Service names

The service name is usually exactly as shown in the Services menu, for example Add to Deliveries. However, in some cases you may need to look into the Info.plist of the application to find the name defined in there under NSServicesNSMenuItem. An example of this is the Make New Sticky Note service which must be called as Make Sticky.

Input and output

The selected plain text will be sent as input to the service. If capture html is set to true, then the HTML version of the selected text will also be sent as input to the service.

Service actions never return any output.


Simple snippet calling a service:

name: "Deliveries"
service name: "Add to Deliveries"