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A PopClip extension package bundles together all the files needed for an extension in a folder.

The package folder

A PopClip extension package consists of a config file plus (optional) additional files such as icons and scripts, all contained in a directory whose name ends with .popclipext.

When you double-click a .popclipext package, macOS will open it with PopClip, which will attempt to load and install it.

Viewing package contents

macOS treats .popclipextdirectories as packages. To view the contents of a package, right-click it in Finder and choose Show Package Contents.

Here is an example package structure, the Say extension:

Say.popclipext/                -- Package folder

├── Config.json                -- Config file
├──                  -- Readme file
├── say.zsh                    -- Script file
└── speechicon.png             -- Icon file

Zipped .popclipextz files

For distribution, an extension package folder may be zipped and renamed with the extension .popclipextz. You can examine an existing PopClip extension by renaming it with a .zip extension and unzipping it, to reveal a .popclipext package.

The config file

Every package must include a config dictionary. PopClip will try looking in the root of the package directory for the following named files:

File NameFormatDescription
Config.plistPlistAn Apple XML Property List file.
Config.jsonJSONA JSON file.
Config.yamlYAMLA YAML 1.2 file.

If multiple config files are present, PopClip will load them all, in the order listed above, and merge them into a single config dictionary.

Historical note

Plist was the original format for PopClip extensions, and many of the older extensions in pilotmoon/PopClip-Extensions are in Plist format. Support for JSON and YAML was added later. I recommend using JSON or YAML for new extensions as they are easier for a human to read and write.

Other files

Apart from the config file, an extension package may contain any number of other files. You are free to name these however you like, except for the reserved names Config[.*] and _Signature.plist. You can also use subfolders to organise your files.


For a whole bunch of example extension packages, see pilotmoon/PopClip-Extensions/source.