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Script variables

When calling a script from a PopClip extension, the script receives a set of variables that describe the context in which the action was triggered. These variables are available in JavaScript, Shell Script, and AppleScript actions.

JavaScript variables

In JavaScript, you access variables in the popclip global object. See JavaScript environment.

Shell Script and AppleScript variables

All values are provided as strings. Where no value is available, it will be set to an empty string.

Within a shell script, PopClip sets script variables named like this: POPCLIP_TEXT, POPCLIP_BROWSER_TITLE, POPCLIP_OPTION_FOO, etc.

Within an AppleScript, PopClip pre-processes the script to replace placeholders with strings. Placeholders look like this: {popclip text}, {popclip browser title}, {popclip option foo}, etc.

Available variables

textThe part of the selected plain text matching the specified regex or requirement.
full textThe selected plain text in its entirety.
htmlSanitized HTML for the selection. CSS is removed, potentially unsafe tags are removed and markup is corrected. (Capture HTML must be specified.)
urlencoded textURL-encoded form of the matched text.
raw htmlThe original unsanitized HTML, if available. (Capture HTML must be specified.)
markdownA conversion of the HTML to Markdown. (Capture HTML must be specified.)
urlsNewline-separated list of web URLs that PopClip detected in the selected text.
modifier flagsModifier flags for the keys held down when the extension's button was clicked in PopClip. Values are as defined in Modifier values. For example, 0 for no modifiers, or 131072 if shift is held down.
bundle identifierBundle identifier of the app the text was selected in. For example,
app nameName of the app the text was selected in. For example, Safari.
browser titleThe title of the web page that the text was selected from. (Supported browsers only.)
browser urlThe URL of the web page that the text was selected from. (Supported browsers only.)
option *One such value is generated for each option specified in the extension's options, where * represents the option's identifier. For boolean options, the value will be a string, either 0 or 1.
extension identifierThis extension's identifier.
action identifierThe identifier specified in the action's configuration, if any.

Modifier values

This table gives the numeric value for every possible modifier combination.