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Convert quantities in metric units to US/imperial units, and vice-versa. Supports lb↔kg, oz↔g, miles↔km, feet/yards↔m, inches↔cm, °F↔°C.


Convert quantities in metric units to US/imperial units, and vice-versa.

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Supports the following conversions: lb↔kg, oz↔g, miles↔km, feet/yards↔m, inches↔cm, °F↔°C.

The result will be shown as the action's button title. Click the button to paste the result, or shift-click to copy it.

This is not a "scientific" converter, rather it attempts to parse the input as it might be encountered in ordinary writing, recipes, etc. Examples:

  • 5 km, 5km, 5k, 5K, 5 kilometres, 5 kilometers, all give the result 3.1 miles.

  • 2in, 2" and 2 inches all give 5.1 cm.

  • 80F, 80 °F and 80 fahrenheit all give 26.7 °C.

The output will attempt to match the number of decimal places of the input, so 5.000km will output 3.107 miles. (However, the output will always have at least one decimal place.)

Accepts either , or . as the decimal separator in the input. The output decimal separator will be according to the current system locale.

Does not accept numbers with thousands separators in the input. (This would ne a nice improvement.)

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This is an extension for PopClip.


Nick Moore


Requires PopClip 2021.11.


This is a direct port of my original PHP code to TypeScript. I did look to see if there were any JavaScript libraries that did a similar thing, and I didn't find any that replicated the behavior in quite the same way.


v3 - 4 Nov 2021

  • Updated for macOS Monterey, rewritten in TypeScript.
  • Now displays the output in the button title itself.

v2 - 20 Oct 2020

  • Fix error on newer PHP versions.

v1 - 16 Apr 2013

  • Initial release (PHP).
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