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Cyrillic Transliteration

Transliterate from Cyrillic into Latin characters.

Cyrillic Transliteration

Transliterates Cyrillic text to Latin characters using the official (scientific) transliteration.

This extension is based on the table (in the file "_Transliteration table.numbers" in the source repository) provided by user Koen on the PopClip forum in this thread.

Slavists (and other linguists) usually refer to this as the scientific transliteration that is common in scientific publications. The normative reference is certainly the journal Russian Linguistics, a peer-reviewed journal devoted to the empirical and theoretical study of Russian and other Slavic languages in all their diversity. This transliteration is used in this journal published by Springer.

Extension created by Nick Moore.


  • 19 May 2024: Published to extension directory
  • 2 May 2022: Initial code