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Shorten URLs in the text using Bitly.


A PopClip extension to shorten URLs using Bitly.

The extension defines a single action called "Bitly", which is enabled when the input contains one or more web URLs. The action shortens all the detected URLs using the logged-in Bitly account, and outputs the result to be pasted or copied.

If you try to shorten an already-shortened Bitly link, you'll get an error.


Requires PopClip 2021.11 or above, and a Bitly account.


Nick Moore


Implemented using the Bitly public API, documented at

The SVG icon is from IconFinder.


1 Nov 2021

  • Rewritten using PopClip's JavaScript API, for compatibility with macOS Monterey.
  • Now shortens all URLs detected in the text, instead of just one.
  • Changed icon to a Bitly logo.

5 Jun 2020

  • Updated to fix login failure.

7 May 2020

  • Updated for Bitly API v4.

19 Feb 2013

  • Initial release (written in PHP).
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