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ChatGPT Website

Start a new chat on the ChatGPT Website.

ChatGPT Website

This PopClip extension opens a new chat on the ChatGPT website with your selected text as the first message.

See also: ChatGPT API extension, which sends the text directly the API.



OpenAI model to select via URL parameter. Options are "Default" (currently GPT-3.5), "GPT 4" and "GPT 4o".

Custom GPT identifier

If you want to use a custom GPT, you can paste the identifier here. You will find it in the URL of the website. It starts with g-, for example, g-HMNcP6w7d-data-analyst.


Optional text to include at the start of the first message of each new chat. The message will be formatted like this:

{your prompt here}

Text: """
{selected text here}

(This quoting structure is recommended by OpenAI in their prompt engineering guide.)

Example prompts might be:

  • Translate the following text into French.
  • Summarize the following text in 20 words or less.
  • Act as a proofreader. Correct the spelling and grammar of the following text.

If you leave the Prompt field blank, the selected text will be sent as-is, without a prompt.


  • Author: Nick Moore
  • Icon: based on "openai" from Simple Icons (CC0)


The basic URL format is:{text}&model={model}


  • 17 May 2024: Added option to specify a prompt.
  • 15 May 2024 (2): Added option to specify custom GPT.
  • 15 May 2024: Initial release.
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