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Encode or decode the selected text as Base64-encoded UTF-8. Supports standard (+/) and URL-safe (-_) Base64 variants.


Encode and decode text using Base64 encoding.

The extension defines two actions:

  • Base64 Encode: Enabled for all text inputs. It is actually a two-stage process: the text is first encoded to bytes using UTF-8 encoding, and then the bytes are encoded in Base64.

  • Base64 Decode: Enabled for inputs which only contain Base64-legal characters. Decoding is the reverse of encoding. If the decoded bytes are not valid UTF-8, the action will fail and show an 'X'.

The extenson has the following options:

  • Base64 Variant: Choose from Standard or URL Safe. In the URL Safe variant, the + and / characters are mapped to - and _ when encoding. (Default: Standard)

  • Trim = padding: Whether to trim off any trailing = or == padding after encoding. (Default: yes)

The decode action will accept both Standard and URL Safe variants, with or without = padding.



This is an extension for PopClip.


Nick Moore


Requires PopClip 2021.11.


5 Nov 2021

  • Update JavaScript for PopCLip 2021.11.
  • Rename to "Base64".
  • Swap the icons (solid icon for encoding, outline for decoding).

1 Oct 2021

  • Rewritten in JavaScript.

  • Added 'trim spaces' option.

  • 4 Jun 2015

  • Initial release (PHP), as "Base64 Encode".

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